Our Story

The idea that inspired TzedakaApp began on a Tuesday evening in Bnei Barak. App founder, Yossi Koenig was called to his front door by his daughter. A collector stood there with a cup full of coins in his hand. Yossi was touched by the collector’s story and put his hand in his pocket to give a donation. He realized he’d left his wallet in his car. With no coins in his pocket, he had nothing to give. All that he had was his smartphone….

And so he imagined a world in which donations could be given by smartphone, where heavy coins wouldn’t be needed for donations, where collectors could have donations transferred directly to their bank account.

With a background in digital technology and app development, Yossi knew that his dream could become a reality. Together with a dedicated team of developers, this dream has become a new reality…
the TzedakaApp.