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When did you last give to a tzedaka collector and wonder how much you gave this month? Or put your hand in your pocket only to find you had no change to give? Or wish that all the little bits of change were tax deductible?

TzedakaApp is the answer to all your donation issues. Experience the ultimate in charitable giving:

Account security gives you the highest in online financial protection

Instant transactions let you upload funds directly to and from the app

Tax deductible receipt covering every donation

Collector vetting confirms the identity of all collectors

Immediate donations allows you to track your giving in real time

Trackable giving means you know who you gave to and when.


the TzedakaApp


a secure TzedakaApp account


your account preferences


funds to TzedakaApp

Open TzedakaApp

Scan the QR code on the collectors ID card to ensure their identity

Select your donation sum

Scan the collectors TzedakaApp ID card again