TzedakaApp provides you with the safest and smartest way to give with account security and confirmation of collector’s identity. Designed to replace cash donations, TzedakaApp helps you manage and maximize donations.

Just select the amount you’re giving, who it’s going to and you’ll receive tracked transaction information in real time, a tax deductible receipt and assurance that your donation was given to a vetted collector.

Collector security:

TzedakaApp verifies all collectors giving you greater peace of mind. All collectors are vetted before they are issued with a TzedakaApp collection code. TzedakaApp confirms collector’s legal name, ID number, address, telephone number and the name of any organization they represent. Once collector identity has been confirmed they are issued with a personalized TzedakaApp number and QR code, both are recorded on their collector card. This ensures that each collector.

Please note – TzedakaApp takes no responsibility for the validity of the cause for which a particular collector is raising money. The vetting process prevents identity fraud on behalf of collectors. Possession of a TzedakaApp Collector ID is not a confirmation of legitimacy of any particular cause.